Services We Offer

Services 850 Group LLCCertified Commercial & Residential Inspections
Homeowners, Builders, Retailers, Insurance Companies and Attorneys all may find the need to get documented independent evaluations of an installed floor covering product. We have been providing this need since 1988.

Certified ASTM F2170 Rh Moisture Testing    
Concrete will do three things over its lifetime, it will get harder as it gets older, it will crack, and it will always hold moisture. But at what level? Excess moisture in a concrete substrate is usually detected long after the construction is completed. The cost to remediate (removing the flooring, preparing the concrete, and installing new flooring) can be quite significant. The cost of performing pre-installation moisture testing is minimal compared to after installation remediation. The most reliable, accurate, scientifically proven way to test for moisture in concrete is ASTM F2170 the in situ relative humidity test.

Sales and Installation Training  
Are your Salespeople and Installers up-to-date on the new products being introduced in today’s market? Do they understand the properties that make up the flooring they are representing to their customers or the reaction to the environment in which they are being installed? Our staff are constantly trained by manufacturers’ technical departments and other industry professionals. Let us present this information in a precise understandable format designed for your staff and sub-contractors.

Installation Guidance and Pre-Installation Site Evaluation
Is your project or homesite ready for the floor covering to be installed? Damage to flooring by other trades or improperly prepared substrates can be costly. Homeowners building second or vacation homes use this service.

Expert Witness  
At times flooring problems can end up in litigation. An experienced technical expert can be vital to your legal team in guiding the jury or judge to the outcome you deserve. Over 200 cases since 1989.