850 Group Testimonials

What a great man
Goes beyond what is needed.
Has always explained in easy terms solutions to solving problems.
You can tell that Mr. Burgener genuinely cares about helping with any issues
you ask him about.
Always gets back with you quickly.
Has integrity.
An expert in his field.
Very thankful to know him.
I want to thank you personally for your knowledge that you have shared with us
over the years!!!
Darren Johnson, Sellers Tile

I have had the privilege of working with Mike now for several years on inspections for our company, WFS Wholesale. We continue to use Mike due to his professional demeanor and abundance of knowledge about all things flooring. He not only inspects the floors we send him to, but he al so takes time to educate myself and our staff on how to prevent the issues he finds. This is very valuable to us as we then pass that information on to our customers to try and stop any future issues!!! I would highly recommend Mike to anyone who needs floors inspected or has flooring questions.
Brandon Loyd, Wood Floor Store

Working in the commercial flooring business can be tough. Sometimes you have customers who don’t understand contract documents, specifications, or industry standards. If you have disagreements with your client and need to push back, I recommend hiring Mike Burgener as an independent third-party inspector. I've hired Mike to provide independent inspections for multiple commercial projects. Mike reviewed the contract documents, inspected the jobsite, and provided an independent report stating the facts of the situation. The services that Mike provided gave us the ammunition to fight back and once the facts were laid out it allowed us to quickly come to a resolution. If we had not hired Mike, these projects may have turned out differently.
Kevin Perkins, Commercial Flooring Contractor